Levi Walton is a Brooklyn based photographer and director, native to the tropics of Panama. His work has been featured in publications such as Rolling Stone, Dazed Magazine, VSCO, Suspend Magazine and others.

He dabbles between editorial, portrait, and documentary photography, with a soft spot for unusual, one of a kind subjects. His photography extends to both digital and analog mediums, and is rich in color and experimentation, both elements deeply representative of his creative process.

As a graphic designer, his work is characterized by bold graphics, minimalism, and muted colors – bringing elements from his photographic work into a design environment allows for an aesthetically sound visual representation.

Levi likes Radiohead, fireworks, and Mexican food. 

Curriculum and Awards

- Intensive Photography Workshop with Larry Fink (Panama City, Panama - 2016) 

- Exhibitor at Espacio Blanco, Guatephoto Photography Festival (Guatemala City, Guatemala - 2015)

- Award: Concurso Miradas, Casa del Soldado (Panama City, Panama - 2015)

- School of Visual Arts – Summer Residency: Photography (New York, NY - 2014) 

Interviews + Features

- New York Times | Intersection: Panama City

- Croco Magazine | Interview with Levi Walton

- Suspend Magazine | 'I Only Like You Cause You Like Me', a visual journal by Levi Walton (2015)

- Suspend Magazine | Behind the Lens: Photographer Levi Walton (2015)

- C-41 Magazine (2014)

- 'Odd Blood' by Levi Walton | Zine published by A Love Token Press (2014)

- Retune Magazine (2013)

- File Magazine (2013)